Turn 4 Savage

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Turn 4 Savage

Postby Sunbeard » Sat Apr 22, 2017 11:41 pm

can watch vid if you want or just read below, can skip alot now, key things to note though

Still need to save a stun for when another leg steams. can have short do this, if we need more will assign another to save theirs.

Still need to soak orbs, Healers / ranged can do this.

Still need to soak lasers, don't let someone take more then one.

Adds appear after 2nd leg dies, 3 small adds plus big one in middle, small adds have to be brought down to 30% ish (this is hard since we can easily kill them without intending too) then fed to the one in the middle. after all 3 adds have been fed, kill one in middle.

Pentacles get sac'd. 2 dps and off tank. pop sprint, run through 2 of them. probably going to be Fei, Short and Myself for sac'ing.

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